Thought leadership resources

Multifamily Matters podcast: Multifamily trends for 2020

A conversation with Robert Gaulden, discussing mobile access technology trends 2020 and beyond.

Mobile access is the key...

 Learn how the adoption of mobile could be the key to differentiating your property.

What Millennials Want From Multifamily Housing - Webinar

On-demand webinar discussing new technologies like mobile access and how to appeal to Millennial renters.

Smart apartments: How to offer better experiences and improve NOI

Smart apartment technology can attract potential renters and improve your net operating income.  


Are your properties appealing to millennials?

Allegion surveyed millennials to find out how they're redefining security in multifamily. Here are 4 takeaways for your properties.

NREI: How property managers can handle package overflow

With a massive ramp up in online orders, handling package deliveries has become a priority for apartment managers.

Multifamily Matters podcast: Home Safe Home Millennial Study

Allegion's Robert Gaulden talks about how millennial preferences are redefining multifamily living. 


Webinar recap: Multifamily technology trends

Panelists discussed how to attract residents with upgrades that solve rental housing pain points.  


Multifamily Matters Podcast: Access Control in The COVID-19 Era For Multifamily Properties

A conversation with Robert Gaulden discussing how access control in the multifamily industry is affected by CDC Guidelines, Touchless Solutions and beyond.  


Future of Living Podcast: The Future of Access Control

Robert Gaulden discusses the current state of access control in multifamily properties and more.  


Security in 30: Complexities, challenges and opportunities for the integrator within the multifamily market

Brad Aikin and Robert Gaulden discuss the unique challenges and opportunities encountered by integrators in the multifamily market.  


How older multifamily properties can embrace smart tech

Smart apartment technology isn’t exclusive to new buildings. Existing properties can embrace the latest access control solutions.

Multifamily Matters Podcast: Interoperability in multifamily technology

A discussion on the importance of interoperability for multifamily access control integration.


Case study: Deylen Realty

Bringing modern security to renovated apartments with smart locks.


Why electronic locks are a smart idea for multifamily buildings

Upgrading mechanical locks can add big value to your properties. Start small or go all-in with smart locks for apartments and mobile credentials.  

Additional resources

How-to videos

Learn how to install, maintain and configure your hardware or access control systems by visiting our Allegion US Youtube channel.

Multifamily suiting guide

Learn how your lever designs and finishes can suite throughout your entire property with Allegion

Schlage wireless locks brochure ​

Wireless technology can increase efficiency and lower cost of managing keys while maintaining security at your Multifamily property.

Multifamily Start Smart Guide

Start smart with the Schlage Mobile Access Solutions, by understanding where each product could be applied on your property.

Schlage Mobile Access Solutions

Read about our Schlage Mobile Access Solutions on ENGAGE.

Homebase Partnership

Allegion Canada announces partnership with to provide cutting-edge home security for multifamily residences.